How to verify an ISO image in linux before burning

There is no nice or 100% effective fast way to verify an ISO image of any OS [normally *INX based OS] without installing. But there are several ways one can test the ISO image. If the test(s) are successful, there is a high (to me which is almost 100% 🙂 ) probability, that the ISO is perfect to be burned in a CD or DVD which one is desirable.

  • After downlaoding an ISO from any source, you must validate the SH1SUM or MD5SUM which one is required in your case to verify the security and integrity of your ISO.
  • You can manually mount the ISO image to check its content when you are in Linux using the code
    su -c 'mount -o loop -t iso9660 <isofilename> <mountpoint>
  • You can use VMware Player to boot your ISO image, even you can install it as a virtual OS in Linux. With this free software, you can not only verify the image but you can also test the installation without changing your current installation of Linux. Download it from here.

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