About Me

I am Habib Ullah Bahar, graduated from  Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in Computer Science & Engineering.

I like to read everything except my study materials (sounds bad!). I have interest in many programming languages like C, C++, Java, Prolog, PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Perl, Adobe Air, ActionScript etc, quite a big list? I am sort of into all things type of guy :). I like to be involved into open source development.

I am a professional software engineer by profession.


I hear music all the times, and usually hear Bengali and English soft music. Currently I am trying some hard rock musics. I have a nice collection of songs , almost 16,000 songs! If you ever need a song, don’t hesitate to knock me. I like to share music.

For last few years I am into all sorts of movies, heres my movie collection (if you are interested anyway) http://askbahar.com/movies.html (I update the list occasionally)

I like to play cricket and football but don’t like to play pc games as now-a-days they become so hard for me! I play a little bit table-tennis too. I read all kinda story books except those shit romantic ones!

I like to eat so much! I love to explore all the food shops! I have a plan to pay my honorable visit to Italy, Romania, Spain, Middle East and all food loving countries :D.

Currently I am running my own software firm PROGmaatic Developer Network.

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