Android missing issue after ADT Rev 22.x update

We do a lot of Android development in RPOGmaatic. After the recent ADT 22.x update, all hell broke loose 🙁

Suddenly all our projects couldn’t generate the R file. All sorts of mysterious issues!

Apparently there have been significant changes in the way ADT handles the build. In ADT now there is a new component in the Tools folder called “Android SDK Build-tools” that needs to be installed as well.


Now its also possible, the build tools is listed as installed, it will not work. To resolve this, first quit the Eclipse (if its already running), start the Android SDK manager. Then uninstall the Android SDK Build-tools and install again. Start Eclipse and clean build your project again. You should see the R files being generated back again 🙂

Even after that, you might find some more errors regarding resource files.

Go into Project=>properties => Java build path= > Order and Export. Please make sure all your jars are checked.



I hope these will resolve your issues with updated ADT.

Let me know if you have any new issues.