How to prepare bootable flash drive of Windows 7 and Ubuntu

There are bunch of articles and softwares available online to achieve this. So instead of writing another tutorial, I am sharing the available tutorials which I have used often when I needed.

Here are the links:

Make your own bootable Windows 7 Flash Drive

Make bootable Ubuntu using Flash Drive

Actually this is very much easy, and same for all distro. all are free n opensource.

I hope it helps, if you need any help, let me know.

What is the difference between this & this(), super & super()

Well the topic is a basic in OOP, when I first learned my first OO language (C++ back in 2004), I have learned the basic. Few days ago some one asked the question, suddenly I become confused, so I made a quick research, and decided to post 🙂

this and super both are object. this() and super() both are constructors.

this is the object of current class.

this() is the constructor of current class.

super is the object of parent class.

super() is the constructor of parent class.

Example (in java) please check out this nice example provided in this link

I hope this will save someone’s day 🙂

How to overcome download time limit

Some file storage sites give you a download link which use to expire after a definite time , like 1 hour or 24 hour. is one like them. They allow you to download files hosted on their server without any limitations, but the download link will be functional for 6 hours or other certain time. Not only these file hosting servers, often many sites from where you can download movie or songs, impose this kind of time limitation to balancing load.

But surely you can overcome this limitation.